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New Patient Reviews:


  • Both my daughter and I see Dr. Blackiston and we absolutely love her and her staff! They have not only helped us physically but also emotionally! We both look forward to our adjustments!

    -Amy M.
  • Thank you for your excellent care. My father was a Chiropractor, and he would approve.

    -Dave C.
  • Great experience. I will be telling my friends. I was well informed and after my first visit I will be able to relax and get well. Thank you Dr. Blackiston and Becky.

    -Patricia M.
  • Loved my first visit!

    -Jean D.
  • I had a great first experience and I look forward to coming back! Excited to see progress!

    -Kristen R.
  • My experience was absolutely great, and I would highly recommend this practice to anyone.

    -Hayden S.
  • Love the staff, the personal connections, the professionalism, and the amazing care.

    -Jacqueline O.
  • Everyone very nice and comfortable to speak with.

    -Richard V.
  • First time in and I could turn my neck when I left! Great job!

    -Renee E.
  • I had never been to a chiropractor before and I have to say it was downright pleasant. I had no idea what to expect and Dr. Blackiston and her staff were extremely knowledgeable and explained everything. I will definitely share my experience with others!

    -Margaret S.
  • My backside would get sore and numb when sitting. After 2 adjustments the pain is gone! After sitting today, I was actually looking for the pain, but it was really gone! I have already recommended Blackiston Chiropractic to friends and family members.

    -Lorri R.
  • My experience was very good. I was very skeptical at first but now I’m a believer.

    -Steve D.
  • Dr. Blackiston and her staff are polite, professional and yet, interact in a way that makes you feel comfortable. The office is kept clean and presentable. I feel comfortable and confident in the staff’s knowledge and abilities when I am in the office.

    -Christina J.
  • Staff and first visit was a great experience, I was not expecting a complete fix for my issues, but I also was not expecting the amount of pain that had dissipated after only my first visit. I look forward to completing the treatment recommended!

    -Chad P.
  • Dr. Blackiston is wonderful and very patient with my 6 week old son and his first time mom. Her treatments helped him, and she helped us to seek treatment for his lip and tongue tie.

    -Amy R.

I Found The Staff Very Welcoming, Kind And Caring

The physicians Assistant helped put me at ease and Dr Blackiston further gave me confidence in treatment by explaining things in a simplified and concise manner which greatly reduced any anxiety I had. She was sweet, thoughtful and measured in her approach with my injury and took my pain and discomfort into account throughout my visit…for that I am immensely grateful. I highly recommend Dr. Blackiston and her team.

~Jason K.

Great First Visit

I was happily surprised with this first time visit and with the walk-through of procedures and how this helps and gives the patient an understanding of what is going on. Looking forward to even more to develop an understanding of the word “chiropractic.” Great first visit, thanks for your help.

~Ron F.

An Excellent Chiropractor

I was referred by my previous chiropractor. I had been with her for over 18 years, however to a complicated illness she has not been able to return within the last two years. I have tried to find a replacement for her, however there are a limited type of chiropractors that use the same type of treatment that Dr. Blackiston uses. She was very detailed with the initial session. The first adjustment was great. I live in Delaware and my previous chiropractor referred me to Dr. Blackiston, she is an excellent chiropractor who listens to you and has a great personality.

~Sandra S.

I’m really happy with the results!

After recently having major surgery, my back pain was a daily constant issue. A friend recommended trying Blackiston Chiropratic. I stopped by the office on my way home from work to set up an appointment as a new patient. I was pleasantly surprised to have been offered a consultation while I was there! Heather suggested a treatment plan to get my back and neck into proper alignment. I’m really happy with the results! Her friendly, caring staff are great!

~Janice R.

The best chiropractic experience in my life

The best chiropractic experience in my life, and I have had numerous visits to other chiropractors. Office is very clean and staff is very compassionate. Have only had two visits with Blackiston Chiropractic so far and I am very pleased with cost and service.

~Dorothy E.

I have complete faith in Dr. Blackiston

I chose Dr. Blackiston on the recommendation from my mother and brother. I was extremely nervous however, Dr. Blackiston and her assistant and staff immediately put me at ease, listened carefully to my symptoms and made sure I was comfortable and understood all they told me. Her treatment was thorough and the care she, her assistant and staff gave me put me at ease. I have complete faith in Dr. Blackiston as she was a help to me and has been a great help to my family over the last four years.

~Karen V.

Treated With Respect And Kindness

I was seen as a walk-in and was treated with respect and kindness. Dr. Blackiston did a thorough exam and explained what was needed. She took her time and I never felt as though I was FIT IN to her schedule. I received a treatment while I was there and advice on what I could do to lessen the inflammation. Very pleased with both staff and doctor!

~Terry J.

Exceeded My Expectations

The treatment that I have received has exceeded my expectations and has helped other things that I forgot to mention to them. It has brought in a short time a new excitement in my life that may be a little thing to others, but really big to me. I will continue having my treatments after I have reached what they should be, because I realize that upkeep of this is just as important if not more than the upkeep on you house or a car. Thank you!

~Terry K.

Surprised How Quickly Body Is Responding And Relief

Really excited about this approach to treatment. Was surprised at how quickly my body is responding and the relief I’m feeling from just a few treatments.

~Brenda J.

Appreciate Time Taken

I appreciate the time that you took to look at me and listen to me at my initial visit. Sad to say, most doctors DON’T listen. I feel so much better today! Thanks a mil!

~Carol C.

World Of Difference

First trip to a chiropractor and was a little skeptical at first, but after the first treatment there was a world of difference.

~Dallas K.

Looking Forward to Continued Results

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing some intense lower back pain. I was provided with tons of information on the help I could receive and thorough guidance on a care plan. I am looking forward to seeing continued results!

~Alyssa C.

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